Based in Chicago, Illinois, the law firm of David M. Adler and Associates specializes in information technology and ecommerce law, corporation and business law, intellectual property, and entertainment law.  Read more about our legal services.
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Corporation and business law

David M. Adler, Esq. & Associates offers a wide variety of legal services in corporation and business law. To view details about our business law services, please select one of the links below:


Transactional law governs transactions between businesses or individuals. Transactions range from sales agreements to complex outsourcing arrangements and require review, drafting, negotiation, as well as counseling and advice concerning the rights and responsibilities of parties. Often, many transactions require continued support and updating to reflect the evolving relationship between the parties.

Corporate Governance & Management

Director and Officer Liability, Board Governance and Management. The Firm provides advice and counseling on corporate law matters. The Firm is active in the creation and existence of business entities and commercial transactions with the goal of providing efficient, predictable and secure agreements and relationships. The Firm provides guidance for deciding what type of corporate entity will be best for a particular business situation or circumstance. The firms advises on determining how best to protect the interests of shareholders and facilitate commercial transactions with customers and lenders.


New Ventures

The Firm is committed to fostering entrepreneurs, small businesses and start-up ventures. Currently, David M. Adler, Esq. is the Sub-committee chair for the 2002-2003 Chicago Bar Association’s Start-up and Entrepreneurial Ventures Subcommittee.

For more information about new ventures, read our article entitled Choose a Legal Structure for Your Online Business.


David M. Adler, Esq. currently teaches"Introduction to E-Business", an undergraduate college course at Columbia College Chicago.

Read details about our information technology and ecommerce law services.

We look forward to the opportunity to discuss any questions you may have regarding the range of business, technology and intellectual property services we offer. Please feel free to call us at (866) 734-2568 should you have any questions.


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