Based in Chicago, Illinois, the law firm of David M. Adler and Associates specializes in information technology and ecommerce law, corporation and business law, intellectual property, and entertainment law.  Read more about our legal services.
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Information technology and ecommerce

With technology and communications playing an essential role within the business world, we have focused our practice on helping and advising on any aspect relating to this area. Our technology team advises and acts for companies involved in computing, information technology and telecommunications areas.

Our services include providing advice on:

  • BBSes
  • Copyright
  • Data Security
  • Digital Publishing
  • Digital Signatures
  • Digital Trespass
  • Interactive Services
  • Internet
  • Ebusiness
  • Ecommerce
  • Electronic Distribution
  • Email
  • Encryption
  • Marketing Practices
  • Outsourcing
  • Privacy
  • Software Development, Protection, and Licensing
  • Software Piracy
  • Taxation
  • Trademarks

We look forward to the opportunity to discuss any questions you may have regarding the range of business, technology and intellectual property services we offer. Please feel free to call us at (312) 734-2568 should you have any questions.

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